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Geomax Total Stations

Boost your daily performance with these easy-to-use, yet highly productive total stations for a wide range of applications such as surveying, engineering and construction.



Zoom90 is the ultimate one-man system with up to 20% more automation performance, extended reflectorless measurement capability, STReAM360, accXess technologies and Windows CE open connectivity.

Because a perfect solution is more than its single components, the Zoom90 seamless integration makes it the ultimate solution.

Long range Bluetooth®
X-MOTION hybrid™ drives
Ultimate one-man system

Field software flexibility
Complete Windows CE functionality
Full VGA capability

STReAm360: Scout-TRack-AiM
1000 m reflectorless
Precise capture


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With the GeoMax Zoom70 true one-man total station, you can significantly increase your efficiency. The support of the X-PAD-based GNSS prism search, seamlessly merged with the proven powerful accXXess EDM with its Track and AiM technology, the Zoom70 provides high flexibility and performance needed for your daily job.

X-Motion hybrid drives

The new Zoom70 incorporates X-motion hybrid drives, promoting automation performance compared to conventional drives. It will follow your target at 90 km/h at 100 m distance.

Full connectivity

The GeoMax Zoom70 meets all your connectivity needs. Use its built-in Bluetooth® for medium range data transfer or its dedicated long-range Bluetooth® handle for highest performance over long distances. Either way, it is ideal for one-man robotic surveys.

Combine your preferred software and field controller to perform remote control tasks with increased productivity. The Windows® CE operating system installed on Zoom70 allows you to run a variety of powerful field software packages onboard. This provides you the freedom to choose the software that best suits your needs.


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Enhance your GeoMax Zoom90 Total Station sensor with “X-Pole” to a solution, increasing your performance and flexibility.

By combining the advantages of both systems, the new solution significantly improves the performance and flexibility on the jobsite.

The seamless integration of X-Pole into the field software allows a toggle between both measurement modes. Simply decide with one button press if you want to change from TPS to GNSS mode, like in case some points cannot be measured with TPS due to limited prism visibility. Once those points are measured switch back to TPS mode. This enhances the efficiency of the system, since it eliminates the need for cumbersome and time consuming station setups.

Zoom90`s Track360 functionality allows following a moving prism. In case of loss of lock, the X-Pole solution immediately finds the pole position by obtaining the coordinates from the GNSS receiver, mounted on top of the prism.



With the proven accXess technology, the Zoom50 features an intelligent distance measurement engine designed for outstanding range, speed and highest accuracy even under tough conditions.

The longer measurement range means a wider operational coverage and significant less time lost with switching setups. The new PowerLock protection mechanism prevents use by unauthorized persons and makes it hard to steal.

All this in combination with the extra-wide colour touchscreen, inbuilt Bluetooth®, USB memory stick support.

Superior accXess10 EDM
With a 1,000 m non-prism range, you are provided the highest reliability and accuracy.
Measure the hardest of targets with the pin-size laser beam.

Colour Touch Screen
The large 3.5″ (9 cm) Q-VGA display, you'll have a crystal-clear experience.
Super fast navigation gets your job done quicker.

Superior software
With intuitive software built into the Zoom50, you can work in versatile and enhanced applications.
PowerLock theft protection makes would-be thieves think twice about swiping your equipment.

Fully featured application package
The Zoom50 includes advanced applications, such as Road 3D and Traverse, making it the true flagship of the GeoMax manual total station family.


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The flexibility to run X-PAD, FieldGenius or Carlson SurvCE or any other localised field software onboard the Zoom40 with its high resolution graphical colour and touch display allows you to work in the way that best fits to your needs.

Combined with the capability to measure long distances with high accuracy, you can be sure Zoom40 “works when you do.”

Totally open Windows® CE
Work the way you need to with an open WinCE platform that can integrate with third party developments and remote communication.

Onboard software flexibility
Choose what software works best for you fromGeoMax X-PAD, GeoMax FieldGenius and Carlson SurvCE.

Fully featured
The Zoom40 comes with a large 3.5“ Q-VGA display, 2 GB memory and 500 m non-prism range.

Colour touch display
Easily work in any environment when you can simply touch and select your functions with crystal-clear colour options.


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The enhanced design of Zoom25 protects the instrument against dust and water jets from any direction even under low temperatures down to -30°C. A fast, simple and flexible data transfer is ensured by the incorporated RS232, USB and Bluetooth ® technology.

neXus5 EDM
With 500 m non-prism range, you are ensured high precision and reliability.

Advanced black and white display
With the largest display and highest resolution in class, the Zoom25's ergonomic design ensures you get the job done.

Advanced software
With an intuitive user interface and graphical guidance, the Zoom25 comes with an advanced application package.

Powerful application package
Intuitive to operate on a large, high resolution display, combined with an extra-long battery life, the Zoom25 makes you more productive than ever before.


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Zoom35 Pro


With non-prism mesurements of 1,000 m, the all new Zoom35 Pro opens a new class of total stations for all those requiring highest performance on all levels.

With the proven accXess10 technology, the Zoom35 Pro features an intelligent distance measurement engine designed for outstanding speed and highest accuracy even on extreme long ranges. A longer measurement range means a wider operational coverage and significant less time lost with switching set ups. All this in combination with the extra-wide colour touch screen, Bluetooth ® , USB memory stick and a complete suite of application provide the total station with the longest non-prism range in the market – making sure it “works when you do”.

Superior accXess10 EDM
> 1,000 m Non-Prism Range
> 10,000 m Prism Range
Pin Size Laser Beam

Colour Touch Screen
Large 3.5″ Q-VGA Display
Fast Navigation
Brilliant Readability

Easy Connectivity
USB Memory Stick
Bluetooth® Transfer
Plug ’n Play Technology


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Zoom30 Pro


The Zoom30 Pro brings all the functionality you expect from a total station right at your fingertips. A total station for all those, demanding highest performance and comfort that “works when you do”.

The Zoom30 Pro combines faster stake-out with NavLight™, outstanding non-prism distance measurement over 600 m, easy data transfer via USB Stick, extra large 3.5” colour touch screen, troublefree quadruple axis compensation and built in Bluetooth® communication in the most efficient and convinient manual total station. A complete suite of applications including road design, area & volume calculations and dedicated graphical construction layout enable you to complete your daily tasks, efficient and reliable.

Colour & Touchscreen
Large 3.5″ Q-VGA Display
Fast Navigation
Brilliant Readability

Highest Functionality
NavLight™ Alignment Aid
600m Non-Prism Range
2 mm + 2 ppm Reflectorless

Easy Connectivity
USB Memory Stick
Bluetooth® Transfer
Plug ’n Play Technology


Zoom30 Pro Datasheet Download

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Zoom20 accXess Series

Zoom20 accXess

Class leading reflectorless measurements: The extra-small EDM footprint and sophisticated signal processing technology ensures a maximum accuracy and speed.

With the proven accXess4 technology, the Zoom20 accXess features an intelligent measurement engine designed for outstanding speed and highest accuracy even under toughest conditions. We understand that your daily tasks vary greatly, that`s why we`ve created a number of powerful applications, guiding you through every challenge. From setting-up, measuring, staking and checking, you can be certain, that GeoMax "works when you do".

Superior accXess4 EDM
Accurate also under difficult situations
Fast & Reliable Measurements
Pin Size Laser Beam

Built for all Environments
Tested and certified to -30°C
Dust & Waterproof
Full day operation on one Battery

Easy Connectivity
USB Memory Stick
Bluetooth® Transfer
Plug ’n Play Technology


Zoom20 accXess Datasheet Download

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Zoom20 Pro Series

Zoom20 Pro

At GeoMax we understand that you work in demanding environments and require excellent price-to-performance without compromising quality, that’s why we build products that “work when you do”.

The GeoMax Zoom20 Pro Manual total station includes an environmentally protected USB port that allows fast, simple and reliable data transfer between the instrument and your PC, even to other total stations. Together with an extra large high-resolution display the easy-to-use graphical interface makes regular tasks like stake-out easier and more productive than ever before.

Superior Display
Largest 8 Line Display
Highest Resolution in Class
Graphical User Guidance

Performance, Robustness
400 m Non-Prism Range
Coaxial Visible Laserbeam
Sealed Durable Housing

Easy Connectivity
USB Memory Stick
Bluetooth® Transfer
Plug ’n Play Technology


Zoom20 Pro Datasheet Download

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Zipp20 WinCE® Series


Operate it your way, store it your way, process it your way! Running fully open Windows® CE allows you to operate the field software of your choice onboard the Zipp20 – Open WinCE® Series.

Featuring Microsurvey Field Genius, X-Pad, Carlson SurvCE or any localized field software, the Zipp20 allows you to work the way that best fits your needs. With integrated Bluetooth® and the capability to connect to any tablet or data logger, the Zipp20 provides you highest flexibility. All this combined in a system offering a colour & touch display, long range non-prism measurement and all your favourite Windows® CE applications make the Zipp20 the total station that “works when you do.”

Totally open Windows® CE
Supports any field software
Open for own development
Personalise your system

Totally connected
Integrated Bluetooth®
USB memory stick
Plug ’n Play Technology

Totally featured
3.5’’ colour & touch display
500 m non-prism range
Coaxial visible laser beam


Zipp20 Datasheet Download

zipp20 brochure

Zipp10 Pro Series


The Zipp10 Pro is your economic choice when price counts as much as performance. It provides seamless data flow via USB stick, coaxial reflectorless measurements and a full set of applications. These benefits are proving again the best price-to-performance.

With its 250 m reflectorless measurement range, 2” and 5” angle accuracy, a large bright display and simple to use applications the Zipp10 Pro is your ideal tool for all surveying or construction tasks.

The Zipp10 Pro is the world’s first total station in its class featuring an simple exchange via USB stick of all your data and files. Transferring data between different total stations or the office is now easier than ever and liberates you from the need to use any PC. Keeping your total station where you need it – in the field!

Easy Connectivity
USB Memory Stick
Fast & Easy Data Transfer
Plug ’n Play Technology

Performance, Robustness
250 m Non-Prism Range
Coaxial Visible Laserbeam
Sealed Durable Housing

Multifunctional Keyboard
Direct Access to Apps
Fast Navigation
Brilliant Readability


Zipp10 Pro Datasheet Download

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